Beauty Therapy Salon Albany North Shore Auckland

Beauty Therapy Albany North Shore Auckland

Hello, my name’s Ngaral.  For my long term clients, you’ll know me from Pinehurst Beauty.  I’ve now moved here and operate from Cathy Lee Hair & Beauty.  It can be a challenge for you to decide who you should trust as your beauty therapist.  So … with that in mind, here’s 5 tips for you…

How to choose your Beauty Therapy Salon if you’re in Albany Auckland

  1. First impressions matter.  It takes just a quick glance, maybe 3 seconds, to evaluate a beauty salon.  The impression you form is (or should be) very important to its owners.  Do they meet you warmly and make you feel welcome?  Do they offer you a coffee or drink?  Or are you left on your own to figure things out?  Trust your instincts, how you feel when you walk in?  Does is strike you as calm, professional and focused on its clients?  Your gut feelings will tell you a lot about the care they will give you and the level of service you’ll receive from this beauty salon.
  2. Cleanliness and hygiene matter.  The reception area and the work floor is a giveaway.  You can judge the care you will get by the care they give their own salon.  Cast your eyes around as if a housekeeper and you will see how much care is taken with cleanliness and hygiene.  A good beauty salon will be very particular about keeping their instruments sterile, their cloths and towels etc. washed and replenished for each client.   Is the air fresh and pleasant? Are the floors, walls, display shelves and equipment shiny and dust free?  Does the staff look the part?  They should be using the services and products from each other, and if they are good at their jobs, and they use quality beauty products, all the staff should look how you’d like to look.
  3. Devotion and attention matters.  Not only should you look and feel great when you leave.  Every second you are there you should feel pampered.   If you feel like you are on an assembly line, go elsewhere.   You should feel special and relaxed.  It should be like a sanctuary, where only you matter (even to the point where are so relaxed that you fall asleep).  You should be confident that your beauty therapist is wanting above all else to give you a period of rejuvenation, a deep contentment that prepares your mind and body for the outside world.
  4. Professionalism, and a refusal to take shortcuts, matters.  Your skin is precious – too precious to leave in inexperienced or unqualified hands, even if they were recommended to you by someone you trust.  Reputation is everything.  Read reviews from other beauty therapy clients.  You should expect the clear promise that they absolutely refuse to take shortcuts (whether that is in using inferior skincare products or equipment, in the salon cleanliness we mentioned above, in their staff selection and, most importantly, in their service to you).
  5. Pre-treatment support and aftercare matters.  Your personal health, safety and well-being should be number 1.  Not just for your time with the beauty therapist at the salon, but prior to and afterwards.  Look for a salon that takes the time to advise you about any pre-treatment procedures, follows up with a simple post-treatment regime and has products on hand, that they use and know well.  Your beauty and well being begins before you visit your beautician and continues beyond.

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