Eye Lash Extensions

Top Lashes and Beauty provides semi-permanent makeup services together with eyelash extension.

Semi-permanent makeup was first developed in German 20 years ago and is coming to the fore as the mecca in beauty industry as a new aesthetic technique that is appearing on the various beauty magazines gaining sensational popularity in modern Europe.

As micro colour insertion inside the skin, tattoo, micrographic method, durability enhancement makeup technique etc., it is called Contour Makeup in Germany, Semi-Permanent Makeup in the USA and Art Makeup in Japan, and semi-permanent makeup in Korea without distinction as tattoo makeup.
Unlike tattoo indelible in the entire life, it has an advantage of being erased naturally after a certain period of time, usually lasting 1 to 2 year, so “long-lasting makeup” or “durability-enhanced makeup” is considered a more accurate expression.

As it is coloured on the between skin layer and granular layer using pigment which is a natural mineral particle, it occurs almost no allergic reaction or discoloration, and also has an advantage that it can be operated again in tune with the times according to the trend of makeup as the product of mechanism that is erased with peeling off of keratin and repetition of metabolism.

Who needs the semi-permanent makeup?

  • Anyone who wants to look clear and transparent at all times without makeup
  • Anyone who is afraid of makeup due to allergies with cosmetics
  • Anyone who needs to maintain the highest beauty even with bare face
  • Anyone who enjoy sauna, sports and travelling
  • Anyone with no time to spare for makeup
  • Anyone inexperienced in makeup or ones without time

Areas which can be done semi-permanent makeup

Eyebrows needed where if not many eyebrows and short eyebrows, scar eyebrows, uneven eyebrows, no skill in eyebrow makeup and correction of previous old tattoo which have been changed blueish and dark eyebrows

Eyeliner needed if client wants to have clear eye line, to avoid daily eye line makeup and have allergy to eye liner and mascara

Hairline needed if client has M shape forehead, empty hairline, and wide forehead, have scar, have hair loss and also wants to have small round shape forehead.

Top Lashes and Beauty has high standard advanced technique and experience and use different designs as per client’s face shape and use difference techniques for semi-permanent makeup such as micro blading, micro shading and mixture of both micro blading and micro shading as per consultation with the clients. Top Lashes and Beauty uses colour pigments which have been passed dermatological test in human and safety assessment test in Germany.

Top Lashes and Beauty also does:

  • Strict adherence to high standards of sanitation and hygiene;
  • Use New and disposable needles to each clients;
  • Hand manual method for a very gentle, highly-controlled and precise application;
  • Topical anaesthetic cream applied for pain control;
  • A wide variety of pigment shades to match any type of skin/hair colour.


  • Micro blading $350.00 inc. a retouch
  • Micro Shading $350.00 inc. a retouch
  • 3D eyebrows (micro blading plus micro shading) $450.00 inc. a retouch

Eyeliner $350.00 inc. a retouch
Hairline $450.00 inc. a retouch

Eyelash Extension
Eyelash extensions have become more popular among women of all ages and an essential beauty secret now. This eyelash extension makes the natural look of your eyes more glamorous and fullness bringing youth and radiance to your appearance. We use supreme quality of the lashes such as velvet, silk and mink lashes and a medical graded special adhesive which does not harm to your own lashes. We design differently mixing 3 to 4 different lengths and thicknesses of the lashes.

Classic Set
Natural Set (120 lashes, 50 mins) $60
Glamorous Set (150 lashes, 60 mins) $70
Full Set (180 lashes and over, 70 mins) $80
Refill (2 weeks) $40

Volume Set
hybrid Russian volume $120
mega Russian volume $150
Refill (2 weeks) $80